At Power House Hub we have defined some lines of work and concepts that we apply in our daily work, as well as in relationships with other professionals and institutions: rethinking the territory and tourism, developing audiences, promoting talent, networking, generate knowledge and value, international vocation, need to innovate, collaboration with other professionals and sustainability.

From horizontality and transversality, we believe that culture and creativity have a high capacity to transform our society because they are potential backbones of a territory and because of their positive effect on society and the economy. Our projects and our outlook have a transforming vocation.

At Power House Hub we work in different areas of knowledge to help give practical shape to positive projects within the fields of innovation, digital content, performing arts, territory and tourism, and cultural and creative industries. Generating a project means having the ability to plan, communicate and lead but also cooperate, create and contribute to the development of organizations and work teams.

Cristina Gómez


Paula Plaza

Thinking and doing

Magali Varela Álvarez

Juggling, puzzles and mazes

Laura Jurada

Always in the cinema

Valentina Gómez

Moving strings