About Power House Hub

Connecting creativity and society

In PowerHouse Hub we have defined some work lines and concepts that we apply to our daily work, such as the relation with other professionals and institutions: rethink the territory and tourism, the development of audiences, promote the talent, work online, generate knowledge and values, international vocation, need for innovation, collaboration with other professionals and sustainability.

From the horizontality and the transversality, we believe that culture and creativity have a very high quality to transform our society for being potential core axes of a territory and also for their positive effect in society and economy. Our projects and our vision have a transforming vocation.

In PowerHouse Hub we work in different knowledge fields to help shaping in a practical positive projects in the areas of innovation, digital content, performing arts, territory and tourism and cultural and creative industries.

To generate a project means being able to plan, communicate and lead but also to cooperate, create and contribute to the development of organizations and work teams.

“ICCs are the promoters of economical and social innovation”

Our team

We are a team focused on the management of culture’s innovation, creation and territory.


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Cristina Gómez Cuevas


Licensed in Tourism and Hotel Management and holder of a Master in Tourism Business Management from the University of Balearic Islands.

Since her graduation she has directed the Audiovisual Cluster of the Balearic Islands and she was director and co-founder of the Maremostra film festival. She has also worked in the General Direction of Innovation of the Balearic Government.


Anna Aguiló Colldeforn


Licensed in Advertising and P.R., she has complemented her training with a MBA and other courses related to digital media, culture and marketing.

She has been involved in different areas of culture, marketing and innovation since the beginning of her professional career.

Our clients say about us

  • “PowerHouse Hub is a young and dynamic company that has a large international network of contacts […] They provide ideas and proposals for its implementation in a clear, fast and structured way. They are a competent and a constructive support to move from ideas to projects and structuring proposals […]”

    Katja Lebelt, artistic director Brandenburg Theater
  • “They achieve impossibles, build great enthusiastic teams, manage budgets and complex timings, bring ideas, perspective and a necessary dose of ambition and wisdom.”

    Jaume Ripoll, Cofounder and director of Filmin and director of Atlantida Film Fest
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We are proud about the work we do for our clients

These organizations have trusted in our work. Public and private organizations of very diverse nature have believed in our work and in our vision of how culture, creativity and territory can be applied to their projects.

Balears T
Atlantida Film Fest
Brandenburg Theatre
Cliq IB
Open Plus
Cine Ciutat