Servicios PHH

¿What can we help you with?

With knowledge, experiences and different interests, we generate ideas and projects and we are able to manage and co-produce in the areas of cultural and creative industries, innovation, entrepreneurialism and communication. This is what we’re good at:


Generate and devise projects to turn them into initiatives

We devise and carry out our own projects, whom we develop from the idea to the exectution and production thereof.

Turn your ideas into projects

We work with other companies and organizations for the development of strategies, projects and actions within different fields and applying our work vision starting with the culture, creativity and territory.

Weave and attract professional and talent networks

Develop a working environment where the synergies that we establish among all the parties involved in the creation process germinate.

Create, communicate, spread values and generate content

The values and history of any project, organization or company must reach the public and the clients.

Co-produce and collaborate

We organize events, conferences, seminars, festivals within the areas of creativity, culture and innovation.

Search for funding and project sustainability

Calls, European projects, sponsorship, business models, etc.