Mallorca Arts on Screen

Description: Mallorca Arts on Screen is the first European festival dedicated to the Arts on screen cinema, also known as film events or alternative content. This is a sector in full expansion and with an increasing public that has managed to take to any part of the world the best productions of opera, dance, theater and visual arts to global audiences thanks to the digitalization of the recording and the cinematographic exhibition. The festival will take place from April 2 to 7, 2018, with a section opened to the public at Ocimax and Cine Ciutat, and professional conferences at the Mar i Terra Theater.



  • The festival aims to highlight thosee contents that represent a revolution for film theaters and art producers, expanding audiences and crossing the borders of the cultural entities.
  • During the festival, a film will be awarded within each of the categories (opera, dance, museums and theater) and the prize of the “Year of European Cultural Heritage” will be awarded to the work that best represents the values of Europe.
  • The Professional Conferences will be a meeting point for professionals and European companies involved in the production and distribution of cultural contents of Opera, Dance, Theater and Museums. During these two days there will be presentations of the art programs in cinema 2018/19, agreements and technologies for the growth of the circuit, networking and promotion of the activity, a series of conferences and round-table discussions.

The Department of Economy and Finance of the Insular Council of Mallorca has as one of its strategic goals to enhance the brand of Mallorca through the promotion of projects that contribute to develope a more sustainable tourism throughout the whole year.

After the tourism promotion skills transfer by the Government of the Balearic Islands, we will entrust the creation of touristic products that provide added value, such as nature, culture and sport in coordination with the island’s city councils.

In Fundació Mallorca Turisme, dependent on the Economy and Treasury department, it also works the Mallorca Film Commission which counts on an intense activity to attract audiovisual shootings to the islands, as well as supporting festivals and events and innovative projects of the audiovisual industry.