04 Think up Culture!

Description: Think up Culture! is here for the fourth year in a row with the intention of not only inspiring but also strengthen and give opportunities to the entrepreneurs of the cultural and creative areas. It consists of a debate and knowledge forum about the funding of the cultural and creative industries that pretend to mentore, accelerate and keep track of projects in this sector, at the same time that it is a platform to provide opportunities, dialog and ideas to this industry. The locations of this edition are Palma de Mallorca, Menorca and Córdoba (Argentina)




4 editions

Think up Culture! arrives this year to its fourth edition thanks to the support given all these years by the Spanish Education, Culture and Sport Ministry. Find out what happened at the previous editions.


3 locations

This new edition of Think up Culture! will take place in 3 different locations in Palma, Menorca and Córdoba, Argentina. For the first time, Think up Culture! will fly to Latin America, on November 22th, 23th and 24th. For each of the locations a program has been developed, which has been adapted to the needs and different realities of the professionals and the Cultural and Creative Industries of each of the places. Check the programs


5 sections

During Think up Culture! a lot of activities will go on. To define the nature of each of them, 5 sections have been created: HUB, TALKS, DEALS, LIGHT and CROWD. Take a look at them.