PowerHouse Hub

PowerHouse Hub is a team focused on the management of the innovation in culture, creation and territory. We work within the framework of collaboration with other professionals, companies, institutions, and agents with different, profiles always with the purpose of creating a sustainable cultural and social capital.


We are generators of ideas and projects, capable of managing and co-producing in the fields of culture, innovation, entrepreneurship and communication. We believe in the development of organizations, society and economy through culture and creativity.


We work in a sector in full force and in constant expansion. Our contrastable previous experience allow us to address the projects effectively, without stridency, without improvisation. We value cultural capital as it deserves and our method of work respects and empowers it. We value cultural capital as it deserves and our working method respects and enhances it.

What do we do?

We deal with initiatives where the cooperation, the transfer of knowledge and creativity are promoted. We promote collaborative and productive spaces, meeting points between creatives, artists, technologists, researchers, management professionals and in projects, administration technicians. We implement suitable spaces for the incubation of new companies, places of interaction and the generation of new projects. Similar challenges require a tested and effective operational approach.


In Powerhouse Hub we have a daily work system based on four main axes, which allow us to devise, plan, manage, produce and communicate.

  • PROJECTS from the idea to the project.
  • DIFFUSION of values and contents.
  • FINANCING on sustainability
  • NETWORKS of professionals and talent.


From the perspective of culture, communication and territory, we have addressed each of our works within different areas and for public and private organizations. These are some of the projects in which PowerHouse Hub has been involved.

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  • Mallorca Arts on Screen

    Mallorca Arts on Screen is the first European festival dedicated to the Arts on screen cinema, also known as film events or alternative content.

  • 04 Think up Culture!

    Think up Culture! is here for the fourth year in a row with the intention of not only inspiring but also strengthen and give opportunities to the entrepreneurs of the cultural and creative areas.

  • The Power House Hub Proyecto Maremostra 1

    Maremostra, Palma International Film Festival

    Founded in 2012, Maremostra is the first cinematographic sample in Europe dedicated to the sea. During its four editions, it has exhibited more than 200 productions, either mainstream and independent.

  • CinemaLAB

    is one of the six commissions that Cine Ciutat manages, an innovative project and the first associative cinema in Europe.

  • Power House Hub Think Up culture

    Think up Culture! 3

    it is a knowledge forum and an international network on CCIs funding. It is based on a business mentoring program and on two days of conferences and workshops that aim to provide supporting tools for entrepreneurs in this sector


We like to collaborate with other professionals and organizations that are in tune with our way of giving light to each of our projects. Some of our clients and collaborators think the following:

  • “The company PowerHouse Hub organized the Professional Conferences, within the framework of the 1st Menorca Film Festival […] achieving the stablishment of a professional section in the Festival and creating a relaxed climate of debate, in a place like Menorca

    Inés Garrell, director of Menorca Cinema Festival
  • “PowerHouse Hub is a young and dynamic company that has a large international network of contacts […] They provide ideas and proposals for its implementation in a clear, fast and structured way. They are a competent and a constructive support to move from ideas to projects and structuring proposals […]”

    Katja Lebelt, artistic director Brandenburg Theater
  • “They achieve impossibles, build great enthusiastic teams, manage budgets and complex timings, bring ideas, perspective and a necessary dose of ambition and wisdom.”

    Jaume Ripoll, Cofounder and director of Filmin and director of Atlantida Film Fest